Seven questions to answer before starting a new website.


The way we read websites couldn’t be more different from how we read books.
Online we should make sure our message is concise, stripping anything unnecessary thus telling our visitors an interesting story and placing them as the heroes.

A visitor comes to us with a problem, hoping he will find the solution. He needs to be convinced he came to the right place within the first few glances on our website - otherwise, he leaves. As a guide, we have to make sure we position ourselves with authority and wisdom and convey that the only way to achieve success is through our services.

I have prepared questions you need to answer before starting your website. The answers will not only help you sell your message better but might inspire you to rethink your entire brand offer.

  1. What is your brand promise to your potential clients?

  2. What could be their reservations against hiring your services? (their bad experience dealing with similar companies in the past?)

  3. What is your advantage over your competition?

Write your elevator pitch containing all (or most) of the above in one sentence. Place the above in the prominent section of your website.

In the longer “About Us” section of your website, define your ideal visitor/ client and add the following:

  1. Do you offer anything that would evoke a desire over common sense in your client?

  2. Do your services benefit society, the environment or any other charitable cause (speak to the conscience of your client)?

  3. What skills/experience have you got that would make a potential client trust you?

  4. What are your methods?

The shorter and more clear your answers are, the better the chances the visitor will click “buy now” button. The more encouraging “call to action” buttons there are on the website, the easier it will be for the visitor to find them and press them.

Good luck!