Christmas Campaign Poster

It's the sixth of September. Gabriel is back at school, my crazy, six-week summer holiday is over and everything doesn't feel like back to normal. Quite the opposite - it feels like everything has a chance for a new start. New ideas, new promises, new challenges, new exciting opportunities.

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Marketing Illustration

The town I'm from is a happening place, buzzing in the summer. In the past a SPA resort, set on a white sandy beach with many restuarants and clubs it is now attracting many tourists from Poland and abroad. What I miss about it most though is the beautiful, unique to Sopot architecture and this bohemain vibe that is only perceptible once all the tourists are gone.

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Contact Lens Brand Identity

I was very surprised and flattered to receive a phone call from Bahrain to work on this company's brand identity. The brief was to create a feminine, fashion-orientated logo and a luxurious feel to the brand.

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Womankind Project

I have always been an advocate for independent, couragous women. Not a real femininst in a true sense of this word, but a supporter of the female independence. So I feel like this project has always been my destiny. Together with a lovely Stella of Made Once Creations we have created one of a kind T-shirt range for women (and men). It feels so natural being involved in this, the designs came to life under a true inspiration and the timing feels so right.

We are still in our infant stages, but we have Instagram account and the online shop is coming very soon.

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New oil painting

There was a time when I was trying to decide who I am, what I am doing? (actually these questions resurface every now and then), but there is one thing I'm now 100% sure of - I'm a painter, I paint feminine oil paintings. I always did, I always will.

In fact I can be whatever I want, I only just realized. I love the diversity and verstility of my projects and I would hate to be constrained to just one sort of creative work.

Here is a painting I was working on after hours recently, it was inspired by beautiful photography of Sonia Szóstak.