Brand Identities

Nina hunter creates effective graphic design and aspirational brand identities that help to elevate your business, while keeping within your budget.

 Reeds Rains Brand Identity Guidelines

Reeds Rains Brand Identity Guidelines

 Rudby Hall Brand Identity

Rudby Hall Brand Identity

 Fashion Brand Identity

Fashion Brand Identity


A consistent visual identity is probably one of the most important assets one should invest in their business.

A well-executed identity has the power to elevate your brand, help you establish credibility and give you the opportunity to stand out among your competitors. An effective and complete brand identity is a product of a thorough research and a greater vision created with carefully chosen typography, colours, imagery and language that communicates a cohesive message.

Over the years Nina Hunter Studio has helped to develop multiple successful brand identities.
To see my identity design process and decide on the most appropriate solution for your company please choose from the options below.


Selected Identity Case Studies:

remedy leeds

bar & barbershop



creative hairdressing


Logo Design

A logo on its own doesn't make an identity, but I've chosen a small selection of logos I have created within the last two years to give you an idea of the volume of brands I've been working with throughout my career.

A good logo should follow these five basic principles:



visually powerful marketing communications

Our forte lies in creating beautiful and effective graphic design.

Working with an amazing Editor and a PR agency Nina Hunter Studio offers bespoke marketing communication, magazines and brochure design solutions that are impactful, in line with your business and truly reflect your brand. Let’s start with a flyer and finish on the entire marketing campaign.