A well executed identity has the power to elevate your brand, help you establish credibility and give you the opportunity to stand out among your competitors. An effective and complete brand identity is a product of a thorough research and a greater vision created with carefully chosen typography, colours, imagery and language that communicates a cohesive message.


A logo on its own doesn't make an identity, but I've chosen a small selection of logos I have created within the last two years to give you an idea of the volume of brands I've been working with throughout my career.

If you are interested in working with me or would like to hear more about my design process, pricing, reservation and further information, feel free to contact via email.

There is normally a waiting list of 4-6 weeks, in which you will need to book your spot.



Beautiful and effective graphic design.

Our forte is developing stylish magazines and hard back books in bespoke sizes with truly tailored content.

Working with editors and a PR agency Nina Hunter Studio offers bespoke custom publishing solutions that are style savvy, in line with your business and truly reflect your brand.

You can leave it all to us – we will write, design, edit – and once it's signed off by you – print and despatch to your chosen location.  
Let’s start with a flyer and finish on the entire marketing campaign.